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Dec 12, 2012 1:00pm PST
see. >> and share it with our audience. >> like this video shot by our friend jeff down in australia. you see a truck coming up the road. you see dust flying. >> what's different about this giant mack truck? >> what's he, what's he, what's he pulling there? >> he's pulling not one, not two, not three, but four trailers. this is basically what -- is called a road train. >> i've seen these before, too. it's such a long overland haul in australia that to make it efficient, they've got to carry as much as they possibly can. >> it's scary to watch it go by. it just, it's like a caterpillar or centipede coming over these hills. >> i hope the route is straight because turning this thing, imagine trying to make like a three-point turn? you'd be all over the place. >> are you more respected in the trucker world if you can walk into a place and say -- i hauled four trailers. >> i think so. i think you're measured by, you know, the length of your trailer. >> size does matter in this profession. >>> plastic cups and a bunch of ping-pong balls. >> beer pong for nerds. >>> see how this one blows u
Dec 7, 2012 11:30pm PST
francisco who have been waiting for the supreme court ruling. tom and jeff had a commitment ceremony three years ago but want a real marriage. they are hoping for a decision that allows that for them and other gay couples. >> there is a chance for a greater resolution, the supreme court could recognize marriage is a right for all americans, not just for californians. >> they will be checking the supreme court website for news. >>> the united states is divided when it comes to same- sex marriage. it is legal or about to become legal in 9 states. we highlighted the states here in clean. maine -- green, maine, may remind and washington approved it last month. this map, there are 30 states where same-sex marriages are specifically banned. and we highlighted those in red. the states include, north carolina, which is the most recent state where people voted to ban same-sex marriage. that leaves 11 states in the yellio, in the mid-- yellow, in the middle, that includes, california. >> as the case proceeds, stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we will bring you developments as they happen. toni
Dec 10, 2012 11:30pm PST
11 points in the first quarter. jeff taylor tries to stay with curry here. the warriors win and own the respect of a charlotte executive by the name of jordan. warriors improve to 14-7 over all. >>> tonight's monday night football match up between the texans and patriots was supposed to be a pairing of two of the nfl's elite teams. only one of them looked the part. tom brady threw four touchdown passes, two to hernandez. even when things didn't go right they did. brady to danny woodhead. watch as the ball gets punched out only to have it recovered by lloyd. they improve to 10-3 with a 42- 14 win. >>> the next challenge for the 49ers is those same new england patriots at gilette stadium next sunday followed by a road game to seattle. between now and then they will want to look at their efficiency. they were slow getting that done yesterday against the dolphins and were forced to prematurely burn their time out. it was something jim harbaugh addressed in his weekly conference. >> we need to be better at that. that's happened before. and we just have to, just like your pop warning coac
Dec 13, 2012 11:30pm PST
. >> reporter: along the beach in alameda, photographer jeff heart used the tide to his advantage and searched for a glimpse of a rare bird. >> i always know that when you have a tie high like this it pushes some of the shoreline bird species up to where you can see them. >> the king tide pushed waters above 7 feet along san francisco's embarc a dero. this shows just how high the tide road and when it fell here in al mega. if you missed the king tide you can find them here. skwraáeufrd háerpd? >>> a combination of high tide and train caused headaches today. the rape fall shottered a record at. water sloshed on to city streets. >>> on monday we told you about a program that offers free flu shots for bay area children. today customers lined up to take advantage. it's reported to be an early and strong flu season. for the rest of this month most bay area target stores are vaccinating children for free. the only criteria the little ones must be within four and 18 years old. in san jose children and their parents lined up to get protected. >> especially since we have an infant at home and the flu
Nov 30, 2012 11:30pm PST
. >> here in san francisco's city hall this couple got married. tom watson and jeff tabaca also want to get married and were hoping this woulbe the day they learned whether same-sex marriage becomes legal in california. but after conferring behind closed doors, the supreme court justices took no action. >> we're kind of in that same waiting pattern that we've been in for several years now. >> reporter: the couple could learn more monday. that's when the high court is set to release a number of cases. if it took the case the decision would come next june. but supporters of same-sex marriage are hoping the supreme court will not decide to review proposition eight. that would mean the lower court ruling would take hold legalizing same-sex marriage in california. >> we're going to get a marriage license as soon as we can. >> reporter: city officials say they've already began wrapping up, and if the court decides not to take the case, same-sex marriages will begin as soon as tuesday. >> we'll be ready with volunteers that are already in place and volunteers that are being trained today will have
Dec 5, 2012 11:30pm PST
the coach to replace jeff stanford and take over the cal football program. the man who gets the call, pretty well known in college. the man knows how to bring an up tempo offense to the team. his team this year led the nation in scoring. but they also surrendered 38 points a game on defense. >>> the warriors continue to flirt with first place. who cares if it's only december. far fetched, but it's just fun to say. warriors first place. the first game of a road trip. detroit. in the 3rd quarter, they outscore the pistons by 16. david lee knows what to do with it. curry creates the turnover here, quickly into the court, he will find clay thompson. the pistons make a late move, as you figure they probably would on their home court. but curry again coming through to stabilize. a nice start to a seven game road trip. >>> until further notice colin kaepernick is the 49ers starting quarterback. which is not saying there weren't plenty to kaeper- nitpick about. nothing too glaring as to shake his coach's confidence in him. >> after a couple tough plays last week, to come back the way he did, we alwa
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6